Hi, I’m Mo

I’m a longtime culture journalist and organizer. I’ve written for cool kid bibles like Paper and Nylon, small punk blogs like Alt Citizen and The Le Sigh, and gay sites like INTO and Xtra. I was 1/3 also of Booked By Grandma and pick up work as a DJ Suffice to say, I’m in the scene. With this newsletter, now so are you!

What is this newsletter?

The Deviant Dispatch is a newsletter exploring underground queer-leaning culture. For just $5 a month you’ll get weekly coverage of upcoming events, plus gossipy updates in worlds of rising music, fashion, and nightlife.

My newsletter is

  • NYC-based but with a an eye on national happenings

  • occasionally political in a nihilistic way

  • queer leaning but not hetero-phobic

  • full of things that sound like Stefon from SNL would know about, only they’re real.

  • informative while remaining light and easy-to-read. My goal is to give everyone a working field guide to the inscrutable cool

  • full of ALL CAPS, notes on camp, snarky/grotesque humor

  • always informative, no matter how “hip” you already are

If you care about drag queens, illegal concerts, John Waters, Charli XCX, and “downtown” as a concept or as a reality, you need The Deviant Dispatch.

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I'm Brooklyn-based journalist, promoter, and DJ. There will be typos....and snark. ;)